There’s no one specific dress code for work in Ireland but it’s good to remember that the acceptable attire might not be as strict or casual as you are used to at home.

Try to find out what the dress code is before you start work, this will avoid the awkward moment of feeling under or over dressed in the office! Companies have different dress codes, sometimes these are explicit and sometimes they are up to the individual.

Irish companies tend to be fairly informal but this doesn’t mean you should turn up to work in jeans on your first day unless you know that this is how people in the company dress. It’s a good idea to tread carefully initially and be more smart than casual.  You can always dress down more the next day if you need to.

For IT companies, it’s usually smart-casual and you can be more creative in your approach.

What to wear to your job interview

You’ll want to impress so how should you dress for the interview? If you want to show your interviewers that you are serious about the job, you’ll need to dress smart. You can do this in a creative way so that you feel too awkward in your clothes. This means that you can look professional while still feeling like yourself.If you are ever in doubt as what you should wear go with the professional business attire.

Avoid jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits and other inappropriate clothing. Suggested attire for women is to match a nice top with a formal skirt, jacket and clean shoes. For men, a suit, tie and clean shoes are recommended.