What is a visa?

A visa is a document that entitles you, subject to custom and immigration requirements, to land in Ireland. It is import­ant to note that a visa does not per­mit you to work or live here, it only states that you are author­ised to land in Ireland.

Who does not need a visa to enter Ireland?

You can travel to Ireland easier from some countries than others. You do not need a visa to land in Ireland if you are a citizen of one of the countries listed here or a citizen of any European Economic Area member state. The members of the EEA are the 28 countries of the European Union, together with Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Do I need a visa even if I have a work permit?

Yes. A visa-required national who has been issued with an employment permit must apply for an employment visa through their local Irish Embassy or Consulate. You can also apply online.

Types of visa

Be aware of the type of visa that you are issued with. If you are issued with a single-entry visa, it’s valid for only one entry into Ire­land. If you plan to travel home or take a hol­i­day you will need a re-entry visa to land into Ire­land again. If you’re unsure of your travel plans then it is best to apply for a multi-entry visa. It will cover any entry in and out of Ireland for as long as your visa is valid.

How to apply for a visa

For cit­izens of states that require an Irish visa, you can eas­ily apply for one at the Irish Embassy or Consulate in your home country or online. Once again, it is import­ant to remem­ber that you’ll need to apply at least eight weeks in advance of the time you wish to land into Ire­land. A stamp will be marked on your pass­port to cer­tify your entry at the air­port and you will still need to pass through immigration.

How long will the application take?

Organising your visas well in advance will ensure that your move­ment through the air­ports will be hassle free. The visas might take up to three months to arrange so if you are con­sid­er­ing Ire­land as a base for work, let this be one of the ini­tial steps.

Price of a visa

Visas don’t come free; a stand­ard pro­cessing charge is between €25 and €100 depend­ing on the type of visa you require but it will be worth it!

Irish Transit Visa

An Irish Transit Visa is really only if you are passing through Ireland on the way elsewhere. It will allow you to stay in the airport while you are waiting for your next flight. You won’t be able to leave the airport and you must have a valid visa for your next destination.

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