Does your spouse and family need visas to enter Ireland?

You can find the list of family members who need a visa at the Irish Nat­ur­al­isa­tion and Immig­ra­tion Service web­site. If your nation is NOT on the list of nations allowing free entry to Ireland, your family will have to apply for visas. You do this through the local Irish Embassy or Con­su­late in your country. Your spouse and dependent children should seek a “D Type” visa. Dependent children are those who are 16 or over. Children under the age of 16 are covered by the spouse’s travel visa.

Pro­ced­ures for a spouse and family to join an employment per­mit holder

If you are a cit­izen of a non-visa required coun­try such as USA or Aus­tralia, ensure that you arrive at your entry port with enough money with you. This is to show you can sup­port your­self dur­ing a one-month visit to the country.

Before the one-month entry per­mis­sion expires, go to the local police sta­tion or to the National Garda Immig­ra­tion Bur­eau in Dub­lin. Make sure your spouse who holds the employment per­mit accom­pan­ies you. The two of you should bring:

  • A mar­riage certificate
  • The employment permit of the spouse currently working
  • Recent bank statements/pay slips of the permit holder. This is to prove that your spouse can support you so you don’t become dependent on the State
  • Additional proof that you will be able to fin­an­cially support yourselves (e.g., health insurance/travel insurance, bank statements that show savings in your native country, etc.) is not essential but useful for strength­en­ing your case.
  • You should then be given a one-year extension, provided, of course, that your spouse has a work contract for a year or more.

Non-EEA national married to EU national

If you are a non-EEA national married to an EU national who is currently residing in Ireland, you are required to apply to the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform to seek residency on that basis. You will want to get a “Stamp 4” which will mean that you won’t require an employment permit when you want to start working in Ireland.

Long-term residency

A spouse and any dependent children of a non-EEA national applicant can apply for residency at the same time as the employment permit holder if the holder has worked for five years or more on an employment permit scheme.