Utility bills can add up but sadly you can’t avoid them: You’ll need electricity to charge up that laptop or television and gas to keep the house warm during the winter months.

The most popular form of heating in Ireland is natural gas. It’s also usually the cheapest option but is not yet available everywhere across the country. The main providers of electricity and gas are: Bord Gáis EnergyElectric IrelandAirtricityFlogas.

Heating the house by oil through a central heating system is also popular, but prices for a litre of kerosene or diesel can vary greatly increases in VAT and the introduction of a carbon tax has increased the price. In order to heat your house, you’ll require a fill of oil to heat the house and possibly the water. Campus OilTop, Emo all offer domestic oil delivery services.

Comparison website Bonkers will help you get the best deals on your utilities bills.

Household waste collections

Household waste is usually collected by private bin collectors in Ireland. If you aren’t sure which company services your area, you can contact your local council. They are responsible for making sure that it is disposed of.

Many waste collectors use a wheelie bin system. Wheelie bins are large plastic containers that are usually colour coded. You need to place the bin outside your home on the day of collection. You will usually have a separate bin for recycling.  Waste collectors include: Country CleanGreenstarClean Ireland and Aesirl. They will provide detailed information about what goes in each bin and a calendar of collection dates.

Water charges

Household water charges are due to commence in October 2014.You will be charged for water coming into your home if it is connected to the public water system. You will also be charged for wastewater. If you are living in rented accommodation, the water charges will be the responsibility of the occupier of the property. If a tenant cannot be identified for a rented house then the owner of the property will be responsible for the charges. Since it’s coming into effect next year, we don’t know how much the charges will be yet. They will probably be made up of a standing charge component and a usage component with a certain amount of water usage allowed for free.

Household Charge

The Household Charge is an annual charge which is payable by owners of residential property. If you are renting, your landlord is the one who will pay the charge.